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Florida Statewide Firearms License Training

If you looking for firearms license training near you, reach out to us today. Our gun safety classes give students — from Bradenton to Orlando and beyond — an understanding of the mechanical operations of a firearm and teach them how to how to handle it correctly. Our extensive course description is below:

Legal Aspects of Use of Firearms

This section of the course covers applicable portions of Chapters 493, 775, 776, and 790, of Florida's Statutes, as well as civil and criminal liability issues in connection with the use of firearms.

» Gun Laws and Florida State Statues 493, 775, 776, 790 » Use of Force Issues and Requirements » Legalities in Use of a Firearm

Operational Firearms Safety and Firearms Mechanical Training

This portion of the curriculum will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the mechanical operations of a firearm and how to handle firearms safely. This training includes information concerning:

» Gun Safety
» Mechanics of Firearms Revolvers and Semi-Automatic Pistols
» Marksmanship
» Drawing and Holstering the Weapon
» Fundamentals of Weapons Handling
» Firearms Retention
» Firearms Malfunctions

Gun and Holster

Woman Firing a Gun

Firearms Qualifications

This segment of the training course includes practical exercises in the handling of firearms including:

» Stan Grip, Sighting, Etc. » Range Safety and Range Commands.
» Firing of 144 Rounds

Firearms Training Fees

The fees for our firearms license training course are as follows:

» G License Training: $350.00
» Carrying Concealed Weapons (CCW): $75.00
» Combined CCW and G Course Training: $400.00