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Solid Lie Detection & Truth Assessment Services

In both criminal and civil investigations, finding the truth is paramount to getting justice for all parties involved. Justice Investigations offers lie detection services and truth assessments for cases in Orlando and all over the state of Florida. The results of these tests and assessments can help you get to the facts of a case more quickly.

Lie Detection

Our lie detection solutions use the latest in state-of-the-art technology, combined with the skill of highly trained, experienced technicians. Most commonly our services are used to assess the truthfulness in situations of suspected infidelity, employee theft, gaming fraud, contest compliance, and other issues.

We use the nationally recognized Certified Voice Stress Analyzer from the National Institute for Truth Verification. The examination takes about an hour and you can ask up to 13 questions. The cost for this service is $300, and it is conducted by trained personnel who are re-certified bi-annually to ensure accurate results.

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Truth Assessments

Our Truth Verification and Forensic Statement Analysis service is a highly specialized field where professionals in human psychology assess the truth based on a multitude of human communication characteristics. This analysis can be performed on a wide range of communications, including:

» Written & Verbal Statements
» Video & Audio Recordings
» Handwritten Messages In In Letters
» Text Messages
» Emails
» Other Commonly Used Communication Methods